Temperature & Humidity Controlled and Climate Monitored Storage

WOOD-LEE International Art Handler has been at our 50,000 ft.² single-floor warehouse location for the past 10 years. Our facility is ideally located within three miles of both the Fire and Police Stations, which provides maximum security for your precious objects. Our building is also armed with a multitude of burglar, fire, and water detection alarms, in addition to our ever-locked doors and visitor sign-in sheet. Customers may only enter storage with the escort of an employee to ensure privacy and object protection. We offer both private and shared climate-monitored rooms within our warehouse to accommodate customers with any sized collection.


State-Of-The-Art, Museum-Grade Off-Site Storage

  • WOOD-LEE  Customers have Company Officers’ cell phone numbers in case of emergency 

  • Over 50,000 ft.² of Temperature-Controlled Warehouse Space

    • 6,000 ft² of Temperature and Humidity Monitored Storage

  • High, 20 ft. Ceilings to Accommodate Large Items

  • Multiple Burglar Alarms

  • Multiple Fire Alarms

  • Warehouse Reviewed by Chubb, AXA, & Cincinnati Insurances

  • Meets Associate of Museum Requirements

  • 14 Fire Extinguishers with Interior Hose and Sprinkler System

  • 16 LED Sixteen-Color Night Vision Cameras operating 24 hours/7 days a week

    • DVR and Online Back-Ups of Security System 

  • Micro-Climate Rooms

    • Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers in Each Area

    • 24/7 Humidity & Temperature Control Alarms (68ºF, 55% humidity)

    • Water Doodles for Water Detection attached to Alarm System

    • Natural Gas Generac Generator with Propane Backup - Installed 2014

    • 2nd Natural Gas Generac Generator with Propane Backup - Installed 2018

    • 3rd Party Confidentiality Agreement on File