We are making history by preserving history!
— Woody Melton

Family and female owned since 1961, Berea Moving all started as a part-time job to Cleveland Police Officer Willard Melton (Big Willy) and a full time job for wife and mother, Ardella Melton (Dell) as owner, manager of operations and logistics while raising two young children. Their children, Woody and Lisa worked side-by-side with Mom and Dad. As young children they swept the floors and kept everything tidy. As young teens, Woody was moving and driving trucks while Lisa was answering calls and learning how to estimate. At 18, both Woody and Lisa were working full-time at Berea Moving & Storage Co. What started as a part-time job for a Cleveland Police Officer to supplement his income for his family evolved into a full-time moving, storage and logistics company.

Think big, or go home... follow the yellow brick road all the way...
— Lisa Holly

Lisa Melton Holly and Woody Melton became President and Vice President in 2006. Woody being a self-proclaimed music historian and having a passion for preserving history, has developed and evolved the business into International Art Handler, moving priceless items for the Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Orchestra and the like. Hence, a new division has formed: WOOD-LEE International Art Handler.


Our Company Pledge…

Ensure customer satisfaction
Honor commitments
Employ the best
Provide the most experienced ongoing training
Maintain the highest standards of excellence
Foster an ongoing positive attitude
…a load on our trucks is a load off your mind