The Benefits of Coroplast for Crating and Shipping

As an alternative to the plywood boards most traditionally used when packing objects for storage or shipment, Coroplast offers a new solution for all crating needs. Coroplast is made of a high-quality polypropylene plastic that allows for a variety of benefits and modifications that wooden crates cannot. By nature, Coroplast is inert, meaning it is safe to store for long periods of time without worry of decomposition. Not only is Coroplast lighter than wood (which will reduce any shipping costs), it is waterproof, bug-proof, and can be combined with other materials to be completely puncture-proof as well. Coroplast’s versatility allows it to be used as dividers within larger crates, scored and rolled to be used as sleeves for cylindrical objects, or as reinforcement within the walls of other crates. In addition to all of the natural functions that come with Coroplast, it can also be treated with additives that make the material Ultraviolet Protected, Anti-Static, and Flame Retardant.