The Pipes are Calling


On a clear and sunny September morning, the WOOD-LEE crew is hard at work installing large pieces from the new pipe organ at Our Lady of the Lourdes Parish in Cleveland, OH.  The new organ arrives disassembled in large parts to be tucked away into its place above the entryway. Our crew must carefully lift the pieces of the organ’s action (the large device that directs wind into the proper pipes for sound) on to the second-level balcony before lifting it once again to its final spot next to the church’s impressive rose window.  The WOOD-LEE crew carefully installs two of these incredibly heavy, yet delicate pieces of the action while traversing the creaking floorboards, too-short doorways, and unaccommodating layout of the church. After the installation of the action the crew finishes their time by de-installing several artworks for conservation, a familiar and welcome task when compared to the complexity of the pipe organ.